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Portrait © Michael Bernard

Skull ’n’ Bones: The symbol of death, danger, warning. Adopted by outlaws, pirates and secret societies throughout history. Placed on tombs, poison bottles and flags to send the message of inherent threat. It is also a meditative tool used to ponder the transience of life and its impermanence.


Boneyard is the creation of Paul Ferguson, co-founder and drummer of the seminal post-punk band Killing Joke. Boneyard grew out of Paul’s background in blacksmithing, furniture design/manufacture, and ancient sculpture restoration.

“I have a passion for objects that reflect the process of craftsmanship, of making things by hand, of tool marks and age. My fascination with the passage of time, heirloom, and heritage artifacts is evident in the imagery and execution of each piece.

Boneyard strives for a balance between the modern and the primitive. The pieces embrace imperfection, highlighting a rough-hewn rather than a machine-made quality, allowing the wearer to connect with the imagery and the material in a personal, unique way. Each piece is individually cast and hand-finished in solid sterling silver or bronze. Weighty and not for the fainthearted.”

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